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Because if I have to die tonight

I would rather be with you

18 December 1991
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Girl. 14. Jewish. Israel. Crazy. Lovable. Caring. Graphic Designer. Photoshop obsessed. Harry Potter crazy. House fanatic. Reader. Falls easily. Strong. Opinionated. Passionate. Writer. Emotional. Hider. Obsessive. Fun. Dreamer. Mythical. Movie Lover. Music Lover. Fangirl.


M O V I E S . . . EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED. Alice In Wonderland. Schindlers List. Munich. All Disney. The Lion King. Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind. The Butterfly Effect. LOTR. Minority Report. The Island. ET. Ace Ventura. Billy Madison. Click. Happy Gilmore. Love Story. The Notebook. Girl, Interrupted. Disturbing Behaiviour. Mean Girls. Uptown Girls. Almost Famous. Just Like Heaven. Artifical Intelligance. King Kong. War of the World. Empire Of the Sun. Matchstick Men. Phantom of the Opera (2004). Donnie Darko. The Labrynth. Titanic. Meet the Parent. POTC. Nightmare Before Christmas. I am Sam. Thankyou For Smoking. All Pixar. Snatch. Xmen. Walk The Line. Much. Much. More.

M U S I C . . . Panic! At The Disco. The Academy Is... . Coldplay. Sean Lennon. Nickelback. Placebo. The Cure. The Beatles. Roy Orbison. Eric Clapton. Pink Floyd. Radiohead. Lacuna Coil. AFI. Snow Patrol. Much. Much. More.

T V . . . HOUSE. Friends. The Office. Charmed. Law and Order SVU. Supernatural. Medium. Scrubs. Jericho. The Simpsons. Family Guy. American Dad. Seinfeld. Will And Grace. Ugly Betty. Freaks and Geeks.

B O O K S . . . Borrowed Light. The Book Thief. Harry Potter 1 2 3 4 5 6. The Tomorrow Series. Finding Cassie Crazy. Once. The Diary Of Anne Frank. Speak. Hope. Milkweed. Much. Much. More.

S H I P S . . . House/Cameron. Jim/Pam. Hermione/Ron. Piper/Leo. Chandler/Monica. Elliot/JD.



JONATHAN: I'm not a writer.I mean, I write, but I'm more of...a collector, really.

ALEX: And what do you collect?

JONATHAN:Things. Family things.

ALEX: It is a good career, yes?

JONATHAN:No, it's not a career. It's just something I do.

ALEX: Why?

JONATHAN:I don't know. Why does anybody do anything? It's just something to do.

--Everything Is Illuminated, Movie by Liev Schreiber, 2005


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